Monday, February 28, 2005

no expense spent again this year by Pontins, Slint, ATP, Foundation etc

there is a light that never goes out for ATP

after nearly making Chris cry on the drive down to ATP, he soon cheered up with the discovery of a kitchen with whine wine

How many scenesters from Nottingham does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

The Friday night drinking game that I found out I won on Saturday morning

happy as a pair of chimps in a beat off contest

I have no fucking idea what this is or was

Early Man early casualty

Early Man via beer goggles

Early Man Flying V

someone spiked my drink I'm sure

Early Man and what I wish was their amps on fire

Early Man stupid girl

after a bottle of bourbon and everything else: spinning.

Early Man early exit

I awaken for the Melvins and arrive as drunk as can be


Buzz Melvins announces a special guest


Kevin Rutmanis and David Yow

David Yow doing a Readybrek advert

David Yow swishing around

Melvins' bassist Kevin Rutmanis, formerly of the Cows!

David Yow superglues nose to mic


David Yow pretending to be Mark E. Smith in a dress

David Yow and you know what

David Yow feeling the effects of eating Camber Sands food

David "Dirty Dancing" Yow

David Yow dresses for the occasion (ho ho)

the camouflage works

David Yow realises he is half naked and runs from the stage

Buzz Osbourne's head explodes

Buzz Osbourne

or Sideshow Bob?

Camber Sands still rocks that badd camp vibe (and by badd camp, you know what I mean)

Camber Sands playground

the downstairs stage

The ATP 2005 crew make their way back to another chalet adventure

the upstairs beer festival

The Chunklet magazine guys didn't stop moving all weekend, not even to stop to have a photograph taken that wasn't blurred (ho ho)

mogwai: purple and blurred

mogwai b&w

Dominic/Demonic mogwai looking gaunt

Stuart Braithwaite looking like he wishes he had a machine gun in his hands instead of a guitar

could be Aidan Moffat, could be anyone

Aidan Moffat does something with mogwai

Stuart Braithwaite loses guitar

Faun Fables: "do you like dags?"

Faun Fables: "did you dress in the dark again?"